The Problems with Trees and Construction

The issue with trees is that they can always grow after you have completed building works. So the the branch which is metres away from the conservatory you are creating, in a few years could be putting great risk to the property. It might not always be able to be rescued by a competent tree surgeon in Newquay.

Other problems arise when the trees you want to remove in order to build are protected. Then you have to add the hassle of tree planning consent to the list of never ending jobs when creating a new build or developing an extension.

Right time for roof installation

For homeowners, any time is the right to install a roof. While they do all they can to prolong the lifespan of their roofs, there is always the best time for roof repairs or installation. Perhaps all this poor timing is because the roof contractors work throughout the year and are always available when needed. You may be wondering if the right season for roof installation is winter or summer. The best time depends on several factors and here are some that you might find useful.

Is winter the right time to install a roof?

Well, roofing in winter season has several advantages. During this season, many roofing companies are not as busy as such. This means you can easily work with the roofing company of your choice without having to worry about the prices. You will, therefore, install a cost-effective roof as the material prices tend to be low during this time. Although winter can be a right time regarding cost, it may be the wrong time when it comes to temperatures. This is not forgetting that regardless of the time, manufacturers offer the same warranty. Low temperatures may harden or cause the materials to crack. Also, opting to install your roof in late winter can result in incurring more costs.

What about summer?

It is worth mentioning that for roofing companies, summer tends to be the busiest season of the year. If you plan to install shingles, then this might not be the right time to do so. It is because they can easily be damaged. One nail gun blunder by the roofer can cost you your shingles. But if you plan to do roofing in summer, doing it at the start of the season can be right as the temperatures are not so high. Installing a roof when temperatures are high is a clear indication that the ceiling will not last for long.

Many roofing companies raise their prices in summer, but with proper planning, you can avoid incurring this high costs.

Can spring season be the right time?

Every season comes with its temperatures. First, during the spring season, the prices of roofing materials are low. This makes it the best time in terms of cash. If you do not have enough money to spend, then you should consider the spring season. Though the weather may not favor you as much, you should not wait to do it in summer.

Bottom line

Well, after reading this you now know that the right time to install a roof depends on many factors. But it all comes down to planning. The right time can as well be defined as the time when you realize the lifespan of your roof is approaching an end. Once you notice this, it is necessary to start planning for the installation of your new roof. It also doesn’t matter if you are installing a roof for your new house. All that matters is planning to avoid being caught up in time.

How do you know you need a new roof or a replacement?

When it comes to human health, we always watch out for signs and symptoms of various diseases. But what about your roof? How do you know you need a new roof? There are indications too that will notify you there is a need for a roof replacement. Different signs indicate a distinct action is required. Some roof problems may require you to have repairs while others may imply a complete replacement of the ceiling. Read our informative article to know these signs and secure your entire family.

Shingles are missing or cracked

If you notice broken or missing shingles, this is a sign that you may have to repair or replace your roof soon. Sometimes you may see shingles that have curling edges or corners, and this may imply a looming roof replacement or repair. If the shingles do not have such significant issues, you can decide to replace them before the problem spreads something that may result in a replacement of the entire roof. It is vital always to check if the shingle tabs are undamaged.

Sagging roof gutters

This is another warning that all is not well with your roof. While you may not have noticed the sagging from outside, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem with your roof. Inspect all the areas of your roof to determine if there is a water damage as this might result in a sagging roof. If there a section of the ceiling that is sagging, it might signify a bigger issue like replacement. Sagging sections of the roof may pose a danger to your family. It is therefore imperative to address this problem as soon as you notice it.

How old is your roof?

The age of your roof can also be one of the factors that determine a roof replacement. According to experts, a roof should last between 20 to 25 years. Proper maintenance prolongs the lifespan of a roof. If your roof is as old as 20 years, then repairs are not an option. In this case, you need a replacement. Keeping records on the age of your roof can help plan for a new roof installation.


Are the roof valleys compromised?

Roof valleys are an essential component of the ceiling. If they are compromised, then your roof is likely to leak. Prepare to replace your roof if you notice the roof shingles falling apart. Valleys offer a passage for snow and rain and when they are compromised; your roof could be at risk.


While all these are signs to watch for, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance of your roof. This can help avoid damaging your roof, spotting leakages and many problems on time. Additionally, you should avoid taking too much time to do repairs as you may end up replacing the entire roof and this can be costly. Check these signs regularly if you intend to have a roof that is in good condition. A roof in good condition means a secure family.